1.12.2017 — Rambling Update On My Homosexual Feelings


The past three months swept by, like they never existed. My energy was fully focused on Sinnercomics, while I raised up Hentaireviews at the same time.

This recent week, my days have consisted of Pokémon X on my 3DS, and sleeping. Writing reviews is a chore, and I’m finding myself getting lost just flipping through my favorite websites. I’m barely working any hours. If my business model wasn’t based on passive revenue, I’d feel cranky right now. But money keeps rolling in, even as I linger between life and death.

I can only recommend building passive revenue sources. When you get tired, and just wanna flop over and die, passive rev is a relief. But I know you fags visiting my site are too communist to even sign up for ad networks, let alone manage your own websites. “What if nobody visits??” Yeah, barely anybody visits my sites either, and I make a livable wage on this. You don’t need much to make good money online lest you’re a fucking retard.

Patience. The one virtue that young generations lack, is patience. Lots of things are just a numbers game: do something for enough many hours, eventually you’re so good at what you do, your execution is pristine even when you’re drunk. I’ve hustled for 3 years non-stop. Now I make cash even when I don’t do shit. It’s only getting better from here…

In all honesty, I feel like killing myself. I’m a mentally ill bisexual who’s oppressed in his socialist shit hole country for his rightwing political views. Give me money. Donate to my Gofundme campaign.


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