2.3.2018 — I’m back animefaggots. Sup?


Alright, I’ma level with you.

Two months ago, right after Christmas, we sat down with Sinner of Sinnercomics. Our last argument led to a violent mutual ragequit. In my fit of rage, I threatened to destroy Sinner’s career. What happened afterwards, I cannot explain it. Our relationship has always defied traditional logic. We finally connected, like we both saw a glimpse of each others’ souls. From that, our communication improved.

We emailed after Christmas, and struck a new ad deal. The past two months I’ve been working on the ads at Sinnercomics night and day. We’ve brought about 1000 new customers to Nutaku, all on the 20% lifetime revenue share payment plan.

My income is now a stable $1500 a month. At the pace we’re going, I should be able to make $3000 a month in 6-12 months. These calculations don’t take into account the new customers all my websites combined are generating.

I’m doing pretty well for myself. The improvement has been fast, considering that when I started hustling hentai back in 2014, I was an unstable, violent psychopath. I’m still messed up, but I’ve gained enough self-control that my psychotic episodes are contained. I channel my deepest darkness when I write kick-ass advertisements, but outside of that, I’m stable, rational, cool-headed. I haven’t lost freelancers in a long while.



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