20.1.2018 — Ranting away my raging headache


Dear public diary and my homosexual readers,

The world is insane. Every human being in it, is either borderline, or clinically insane. Save for a few individuals I’ve met, everyone is into murderous brainwashing ideologies. I ask myself, why? Why are you fuckers so batshit crazy? We cannot connect with one another, but on a superficial level that allows for exchange of utilities. Why can’t we do better?

The short moments I forget what’s happening in the world, I feel relief. These moments are rare, and often only when I sleep, or when a new project is completed, and our customers send a rush of support because they want more fucking porn.

The most disappointment I feel in myself. Despite so much intellect, self-awareness, and empathy, I am just as insane as everyone else. I struggle to stick to my commitments, I struggle to do rational decisions. I struggle to empathize with my fellow human beings, fighting the same life obstacles.

I just want sanity to win.


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