6.9.2017 — New art from Deadphoenx – Marvel’s “Dagger”

Dagger complete (Clothed - Small) Dagger complete (Lingerie - Small) Dagger complete (Lingerie Bottomless - Small) Dagger complete (Lingerie Toppless - Small) Dagger complete (Nude 1 - Small) Dagger complete (Nude 2 - Small)


There we go, another nice piece from our good friend Deadphoenx. He started a Patreon just recently, and I promised to shill it whenever I post his material. I’ve paid a meager sum for this piece, to get the online distribution rights, and my logo attached on the image. That’s the contract we made.

I haven’t followed comics in a long while. My 10+ years of Spiderman comics are stuffed somewhere in boxes. I haven’t seen them since we moved appartments. All I know is that this bitch looks pretty hot.

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