Sinner of Sinnercomics is an asshole: Part 1


Message to Sinner: I have gathered a group of fans, and online friends who are briefed on what to do, should something weird happen to me.

We have a really dumb argument to settle with Sinner, of Sinnercomics. It’s gonna be blogger versus blogger, man versus man, two hentai entrepreneurs in an epic showdown, and I honestly wish I had waited until New Years. But because Sinner is an absolute cocksucker, I’m preparing to fire away all of our discord, and skype logs, and some emails from our past year, right before Christmas holidays, just because I’m pissed. I am exposing him as an unprofessional, abusive person who should treat people better to avoid idiotic drama.

Everything about this ordeal is completely stupid. Me and Sinner did some advertising deals through 2016 to 2017, and our chemistry just did not mix. There’s a reason why Sinner can’t keep down any employees.

I’m not really angry. I was angry, when I was tired, after Sinner concluded our partnership a few weeks ago, after some drama about refunds. Sinner’s emotional abuse was completely gay, like 50 shades of gray with sissyfaggots. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson for you, Sinner.

Sinner already took down his website upon reading my threat, to make sure I can’t post any screenshots of our emails for his fans to see. I don’t understand why, because he never trusted me enough to tell me shit that would make him vulnerable. Everybody with a brain can see this guy is a terrible asshole, which is the bulk of the content of our chat logs – it’s just me, and Sinner, exchanging insults and gay memes.

I think that Sinner’s ghetto personality plays a part into why he is popular. But for some reason, he doesn’t want people to see the shit I’m about to post. Why did you say that stuff, if you’re not ready to show that side of you in public?

I got a bunch of posts written up, queued up, ready to go out to keep the news cycle fresh. I’m posting them on all my blogs, plus to all my business contacts in the hentai scene to see. You can’t stop the truth from coming out.

You should’ve refunded my Bitcoins, cocksucker.

13.12.2017 — Toxic People


There’s people in this world so full of pain, their aura emanates venom into their environment, like a pulsar. Poor sods from the ghettos especially, are so traumatized, there’s no saving them from a lifetime of chaos. They are violent, addicted to drugs, sex, trapped in a life of madness. I’m not hiring ghetto kids anymore, after all the drama my little business has suffered. I am not supporting anyone from a poor background again. These people’s darkness has infested my life, it’s made me a dark, unhappy, terrible human being.

I have this gift, that when I spend enough time with someone, I start hearing their thoughts. I’ve met some folks whose silence literally screams at me. I feel abused in body, and soul, just by their presence.

I’ve always been highly empathetic. It’s kind of a flaw, that I have trouble keeping distance, which is why my social circles have always been small. I want only the deepest of connections, which sadly filters out a lot of otherwise great men and women, who just cannot vibrate on my level.

I remember vividly this girl in high school, whom I only shared 10 minutes together. We talked during recess, it was the only time we talked. She was artistic, intelligent, a peculiar personality. But after class started, a sickening dark weight dropped into my stomach, and the feeling lasted for literally half an hour. I’ve never felt so disgusted in my life. I never spoke to that girl after that, because something about them had set off warning bells in every cell in my body.

I wish my blogs could emanate more positive feelings. There’s always this miasma of anxiety in me. It’s really sad. I’m hopeful that now that I’m dropping several toxic people from my life, my joy will return.

Thanks for reading. Happy fapping! -OA