Slave Boys Of Mars Dungeon scene

All characters depicted are 18 years old, because the United States law is the word of the white man’s omnipotent God.

I lay in my little corner of the dungeon, listening to the beating of my tired heart. Morning sun rays, like hot needles, pierce through my sore eyelids. The cum from yesterday’s depravities is still making my eyeballs itch. I took so much on my face, I can’t distinguish it from my skin.

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Mom molests sissyfag with onahole

All characers are at least 18 years old according to United States federal law, and the white man’s Bible.

“Oh, baby… The sin just won’t come out of you.”

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Valar Blogulis… Fuck Tumblr to hell.

The cold fact that everyone living bears with, is that nothing lasts forever. Everything has a lifespan.

I’ve built a lot of things that didn’t last. I still try building things, aiming at a longer than the imminent death cycle. But demise is certain, and when it does occur, everyone moves on, forgets, and the world spins over. You cry through enough such events, you get a feel for the cycle. Cry through more cycles, you lose that feeling of loss. Your body learns the truth of the world; Shit just happens.

This is a commercial porn blog, similar to my old Tumblr blog. But in addition to the incessant shilling, the blog will also detail my life as a startup entrepreneur in the western hentai industry. I begin this new blog, to replace the role my old Tumblr blog held in my life, with no illusions. I understand that Tumblr is special, and without their incompetent moderators constantly on the ready to pull the rug under my feet, I should have less reason for perpetual fear. But living without fear is illusion. I fully expect this blog to be an eventual victim of the forces of chaos. One way or another, this blog will die, and all my time spent on it, will have been lost.

What I intend, what I was already attempting on Tumblr before the most recent destruction of my livelihood, is to build a website infrastructure inspired by the drug trade. My visual assets and the retouched pictures, the decensored manga, ad banners, my logo, etc. I can always repost to new sites. What I need, is for all content to never be completely wiped out, when one branch of the infrastructure is destroyed.

The money I have invested into this blog is about 100 dollars. In this dark hour, where the fate of my business hangs in the balance, the one gleam of hope I hang on to, is my new HTML coder, nicknamed Dren. With his generous assistance, I am getting back on my feet. I will repay Dren with dividends, when my business picks up again. This guy is amazing with code, especially considering his young age. As he is helping me, I will help him get a foothold into the internet job market.

An otaku always pays his debts. -Otaku Apologist