Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 30.8.2016 – fuck tumblr

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Tumblr is hypocritical. They built a service from the ground up to enable massive scale copyright infringement, and profit from it. Reblogging and reposting is made so fucking easy, nobody can realistically police copyright. And it’s not just their copyright rules that make no sense, either as they are phrased conveniently vaguely. The consequence of vague rules is that different moderators will enforce them differently. Where one mod looks at an offense and emails you a notification, another will destroy you for the fucks of it. Selective random enforcement of the rules is tumblr’s forte. People with larger followings than myself have experienced the same bullshit; Doxy was banned in 2015, and Shädman too. In Doxy’s case, he was targeted by tumblr’s domestic social justice crowd. I was targeted by Nintendo of America.

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