13.1.2018 — Persistence


I am not the smartest guy, and certainly not the luckiest. The only trait about me, that sets me apart from 90% of people, is my persistence. Everything I’ve achieved, I gained from being persistent.

Everybody I’ve met on my journey, that I persuaded to try their hand at entrepreneurship, quit at some stage, when challenges arose. I’ve done nothing but trudge through bullshit obstacle after another.

At this point, the only difference I perceive between successful and unsuccessful people, is that the former just won’t quit. In a game of survival of the fittest, survival is victory.

12.1.2018 — You do not know dhe way

In all my years on the internet, I have never seen a funnier meme. The “ugandan knuckles” is a viral meme that’s destroying the communists’ agenda for a private corporate world government forever. Liberty is dhe way.

10.1.2018 — Homosexual dreams can come true!

Re-Zero Hentai Page 7 Preview 3 Re-Zero Hentai Page 8 Preview 3

I have spent years building a business that would allow me to monetize the exploration of my bisexuality in erotic fiction. Finally my dream is becoming a reality. Sally and Molly are drinking cum straight from a huge dick in their first  hentai comic.

Never give up. Never surrender. Hold on to your dreams and be real about capitalism. This comic is scheduled to get published in 7-10 days. Give me money>

8.1.2018 — Fuck money

As a child, I was treated like an alien object. Because I was weird, didn’t fit in, didn’t make compromises.

Three decades. Everything that people spend their lives fearing, aside from dying, I experienced. I remember.

As my lifespan grows shorter, my lust for life grows stronger. My hunger is without depth. The need burns in every cell of my body, like jet fuel.

I play with the idea of slowing down after my income reaches comfortable levels. It’s a nice little lie that soothes the burn.

Every rejection, loss, disappointment, humiliation, scars the mind. Scars are ruptures on the ground. From those cracks, the hot core spews molten rock, like a dying man bleeding his spaghetti entrails in a puddle.

Making money, for me, is more than numbers on a bank account. It’s more than the nice things I can buy. It’s more than some apathetic confirmation of my worthiness. It’s more than social status. To hell with it.

Behind the mask, I am violence. I am greed. I am a will unbreakable. Watch me go, motherfucker.

8.1.2018 — Sinnercomics The Endgame

victory or death

It’s happening. Our most ambitious advertising deal with Sinner of Sinnercomics.com is going live this January.

At this point, Sinner is like a long-lost brother to me. We’ve disagreed and fought about literally everything for two years straight, like brothers do. When two people are so fundamentally different, you can expect friction. Everything from how we talk, think, and perceive, differs. It’s insanity.

Plot twist: Right now, our friction seems… gone. I finally kind of understand how Sinner thinks, and I get the feeling he understands how I think. Which is, he loves his work and his fans, while I hate humanity. I’m cynical about people, because I know how much mental dissonance they have stopping them from supporting content creators. I’ve studied clickbait advertising for 1000 days straight, depressed out of my mind. If people knew what I knew…

Everything is about emotions. Feelings compound from a person’s circumstances, past and present. It’s not enough that something brings a benefit, or perceived benefit to your life – it needs to feel right. That’s what advertisers do: we make you feel the right emotions, and focus them on a product.

Give me money, you self-loathing suicidal faggot piece of shit.

6.1.2018 — Aika and Sakaki nude sprites!!

It’s happening, guys!! We’re finally becoming a legitimate business. I got so many artists and writers working on content now, I just wanna focus on that shit. Please follow Otakusexart.com, we’re updating every day!! 😀

3.1.2018 — Futa Wonder Woman

I’m working with a new 3D artist. Commissioning a set of 3D pinups without backgrounds, for later use in other projects. Starting with the queen of liberal progressiveness, Wonder Woman.

2.1.2017 — Aika and Sakaki 2D sprites!

I was undecided whether to use 3D art, or 2D art for one of our upcoming hentai visual novels. I wanted both! These are our original characters, that we’re gonna feature in all kinds of pinups, comics, and games. The blonde slut is named Aika, the brunette is Sakaki. Aika is a bad influence for her conservative girlfriend, who she’s grooming to become a total bisexual fuckslut who does threesomes, and worse. Ultra empowered, super strong and independent, they’ll soon be rocking welfare checks from the government to support their horde of children! Hurray for sexual liberation!