Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 16.9.2016 – business racial turf wars


Business people can be divided into three races; the blacks, the whites, and the greys. Whites hate blacks with a passion and would seek to destroy them, while blacks know to distrust whites and stay out of their way. Greys do not judge blacks for their criminal ways, and they admire whites for playing it straight.

Whites are always trying to change the world for the better, and suffer when they come in contact with reality; the work to better mankind is insurmountable.

Blacks ruthlessly go for the money, targetting unlawful markets and ultimately striving to monopolize the trade of forbidden goods via violence, extortion, murder. No method is out of bounds for blacks if it gets them the wanted effect.

Greys could theoretically do business with both whites and blacks, because their morality bends when they consider it necessary to adapt. But most often greys stick with other greys, who share their amoral, grimly realistic world view, without breaking its rules and getting in trouble.

Supply and demand is the golden rule of blacks and greys, and these people differ only in the markets they serve. A grey would never dabble in organ trade, drugs, or human trafficking, even while they accept that these businesses are impossible to destroy, therefore earning their Darwinian right to exist.

I started out as a naive picture blogger, with much idealism in my system. Yet, as months have passed, and my marketing knowledge and self-awareness have accumulated, what I have wittnessed in the hentai scene, is the success of grey area business. Porn is a dirty, disgusting field, that favors the greys.

The fault, sadly, is not in the businesses. The fault lies on the customer who both pirates porn, and seeks out content that is illegal to “spice it up”. This very same person supports pirate sites like Fakku!, to the point they rebuilt themselves as a legitimate pay site hosting exclusively lawful licensed content. And so many customers in the grey were angry at Fakku for this… because Fakku betrayed their race. The customer also supports the rule-bending of certain other companies. The big point of contention is loli content, which I fear if hentai ever hit mainstream, would put us under heavy scrutiny. My own business continues to receive support from fans, because customers only give shits about getting what they want. You supply them that, they are happy with you and give you their money.

I am learning to keep secrets. The ruthlessness of the business world necessitates, regardless whether you are a white, or grey, or black, that you keep your cards hidden from enemies, and mingle mostly with members of your own race.

Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 13.9.2016 – The iframe

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It was weeks ago, when I got the email. I jumped on it immediately when I saw it, and bombarded Mindgeek Chrissy on Skype for details. Nutaku is making available for a select number of websites, an iframe. I was able to procure the iframe of Flower Knight Girl, for VGhustler, this blog, and Doxy’s Prismblush.

An iframe embeds an HTML game into your website. This makes the registration for the game domestic to the site. Similar to how streams have been emdedded into websites in the past, the iframe is a great opportunity for Nutaku to spread their games on to trusted websites that people frequent.


The game is linked to the respective affiliate’s account. Meaning, people who register for the game and play it for enjoyment, will hopefully be encouraged to spend a little, when they know their dollars directly support the site they love. I have faith that this is a good opportunity.

The iframe for otakuapologist.xyz will arrive with a delay. I was supposed to get the iframe for http://otaku-apologist.tumblr.com, but since it was banned, I had to make a new order with Chrissy. The software engineers are working, and I will hopefully get Flower Knight Girl on this site before saturday.

I am fighting tooth and nail to get everything back on track. No more fatal mistakes, no more daily autistic rage, no more mister nice guy. Brick by brick, I am re-building my business, and my life, and destroying with my bare hands everyone that stands in my way.

I choose the otakulife. I choose this black lonely path of blood, cum and hellfire.

Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 10.9.2016 – The Room

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I have lived in this same house, this same town, surrounded by the same neighbors my entire life, save for the first three years of my life I have little recollection of. Two decades in this house. And our family is moving.

Before I write more about the actual topic of this entry, I want to first give some context to my new readers. Since 2014, when I turned 26, I have studied entrepreneurship in the social media environment. The practice turned into actual paying work in about a year. Now, being an entrepreneur is a conviction that retains structure in my otherwise disorganized life. Dedicating myself to this work, that forced me to improve my social skills and work on my depression and social anxiety issues, has been gruelling, but also an empowering experience. This mission, to hustle the budding hentai scene, gives me purpose and direction, allowing me to shape chaos into words that sewn together resemble something akin to a story with a plot.

But there is no plot. Chaos has no plot. My mother lost her job, despite making more money to her company than anybody else in her department. It was an illogical outcome. The old boys club of the company were making cost cuts. From what my mother has told me, it sounded to me like they protected, not the bottom line like companies should, but their best buddies. Because of this, we had to sell our house, which was bought instantly by the first buyer, thankfully above the listing price. That is a literal miracle, because in the current wrecked Finnish economy, almost everyone is moving to the Helsinki area. Very few houses are successfully sold in the tiny provinces outside of Helsinki. Many unemployed people are trapped in worthless houses, unable to move to the capitol area, where work is available.

I am not afraid of change. I am not afraid of loss. I am not the sad boy rotting in his loneliness, the pathetic person I used to be. I am not the same Otaku Apologist I was in 2014, in 2015, or midway to 2016. But neither am I anything else.

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I look around in this room where I’m typing this entry, to be read by the few hundred visitors I have to this startup blog. Directly in front of me, there was once a television, and a dixibox. I look to my right, where there used to be a couch. I look up to the ceiling, and there is a lamp missing. Even my fingers while they type on my laptop’s keyboard, create an uncomfortably loud echo. I see an empty floor and walls void of family photos, and a view into our yard from the two windows.

I am uprooted. In both my business, and my living situation, I am moving somewhere, to a place I cannot yet envision. There is so much dust and dirt on the floor.

The irony is, if I hadn’t lost my tumblr, it would be at ~40000 followers by now. There would have been enough customers in the mix, to pay bills. I’d be making enough, to have afforded to make this house my own.

C’est la vie.

Fuck Sakura Space, Neoliberals, Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is pandering bullshit. Once again, I wrote a review based on customer analysis, for great effect. My Sakura Space review buffed up the VGhustler twitter count by 13 newbies. It’s a big bump. I could’ve written the piece in a more positive manner, but figured that going with my old style of mixing chaotic cynicism, geek jokes, and deep-cutting jabs at contemporary culture and politics, oh, and some paranoia, would make the best impact.

I was correct. My style is researched. It has a track record of success. My rage has always been my key to success, and I am learning to control the flame. I need to keep building my name into a brand that is consistent, and profitable in the manner it used to be before my Tumblr ban.

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Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 6.9.2016 – A Conqueror

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Otaku Apologist was the name I chose, when I begun writing the story of my new life as an entrepreneur. Without a character, there is no story. Without direction, there is no plot. Without an enemy, there is no drama. I became the main actor, the director, and editor of my own narrative.

2016 has been act two, the part of the story where the hero climbs to the tree. Act two is always divided into two parts. Part two is the phase where the MC is thrown with rocks until he falls on his ass.

The strangest place, that I keep finding myself in, seemingly time and time again, is the scene after the credits have rolled. After the battle, when the curtain has fallen, and the audience is gone. When all the fuzz and bustling has subsided, and the door has closed behind me. I step outside to taste the cold air, embraced by night, wandering around where time does not tick.

When you desire someone, that you couldn’t imagine life without them, when the very suggestion that it is neither destiny nor forever, rings in your ear as blasphemy, you are in love. Love is religion, the most enticing of all dreams, and the most painful to wake up from.

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OtakuApologist Blog Entry 4.9.2016 – From Death To Life


Motherfucking choco cookies from Japan… CLICK 2 PUT TEH COOKIE DOWN!!~>

Amazingly, after launching this blog detailing my otaku life only days ago, I’m watching the traffic statistics grow in a linear line. Today I’m seeing over 200 visits, more than double from yesterday. I don’t know exactly where it’s all coming from, but I assume a combination of sources; google image search, tumblr, twitter, e-hentai, VGhustler, word to mouth, etc.

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