Crush Crush is a free dating sim. It’s a unique browser game that turns dating into a software update!

Dating sims often have a clunky map system. You waste time moving from place to place, to level up skills and bank for dates. The games have a daily cycle: you have to juggle with spending your in-game hours. Crush Crush takes the tired mechanics of dating sims, and streamlines them. In Crush Crush, all hobbies, jobs, and dates are represented as progression bars. So smooth!

The game runs offline. You gain money, promotions, and skill-ups, while living your real life. It’s a fun addition to daily routines; wake up in the morning, play some, satisfaction. Go to school, come home; more satisfaction.Screenshot (4005)

You set goals, and simple strategies. Often times, you are hunting achievements. Unlocking four achievements unlocks a time block. The more time blocks you got, the more skills and cash. I’ve been playing since launch, unlocking hundreds of achievements.

The game has a fun reset feature; you reset your progress, to boost progression. Without rightly timed resets, the more demanding girls and jobs, take weeks to unlock. Made by Sad Panda Studios, Crush Crush is designed to never run dry of content. Crush Crush takes only minutes to learn.

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