Korra and Asami – Morning In The Palace

All Legend of Korra characters depicted are older than 18 years old, as fiction writers bear responsibility for perpetuating cultural attitudes and thoughts that lead to morally detestable behavior that will ultimately culminate in a second holocaust.

She was in that mellow state of morning stupor that follows a good night’s sleep. For a second she felt light like smoke: softness of the bed embraced her back, blanket her chest. Narrowing her eyes in the dark, she could see but shapes of furniture. The room’s smell was familiar; it stirred memories from last night. Even under the twilight of drape-blocked windows, Asami could distinguish piles of cloth on the floor. Her little black dress was tucked below the bed. She felt the wine stains on the sheets, which hadn’t lost their stickiness over night. A warm breath caress her ear: Korra snored gently, her nose tucked in Asami’s plentiful black flocks. The water tribe woman’s palm rested on the city girl’s soft breast, like grass growing on a sand mound. Asami tried rubbing her own eyes, but her hand was constricted by Korra’s muscle-bound left arm. It stretched over her shoulder, and she was too tired to fight the avatar’s strength. Asami turned her head to the side, gazing at the figure of her sleeping companion. A lone ray of sunlight soaked in Korra’s short, brown hair.

“Morning”, Asami whispered.

The water tribe woman grunted and snorted, her cheek rooted on their shared pillow. Her squeeze on Asami’s breast suddenly tightened.

“Hmh, you’re not even sleeping, are you?”, Asami asked.

Korra replied with a growl and her index finger and thumb snatched the woman’s little erection. The sensitive skin reacted, sending a wave of sparks through Asami’s mounds – she bit her lip and the wet hose between her legs hardened.

“Mmm, naughty girl. That’s enough for now”, she said and brushed off Korra’s body weight, forcing herself to sit on the bed.

”You don’t have to go yet, Sami. We can, mmmh, have a round”, Korra said, stretching her limbs and yawning silently.

”Hah, you have such a singular mind. No, we’re not having a round… I need to get ready to meet king Wu. Remember I’m here to form ties”, Asami said.

She felt Korra’s fingers grazing her back, boldly sliding down. The avatar’s skin was coarse, like vellum paper, but her touch felt like the puff of a storm cloud. The martial artist that she was, the avatar possessed more than enough strength to grab Asami by any limb and pin her down.

”Wu doesn’t appreciate how hard you are in the morning. Come on, let’s do it, let’s get you limp. You can’t meet a king while horny”, Korra whispered.

”I’m not doing anything before shower, so finger yourself, you horndog!” Asami chuckled and stood up.

Korra moaned like a cat in heat as her girlfriend walked away from the bedside. Asami swallowed her giggle and put shove into her hips, walking like a model, showing Korra her butt cheeks rubbing tight against each other. Her lady limp flung sideways as she walked, just like her back-long hair.

”Mmh, just give me a minute Sami and don’t stroke yourself. Leave me something to work with!” Korra yelled after her.

”Hah, time is money, Korra! I’ll be empty by the time you get up, you lay-about bum”, Asami replied.

”Capitalist!” the avatar shouted.

Asami bent her round butt back and slapped her flesh playfully – she could almost hear Korra panting restlessly. Asami stumbled forward in the dark, feeling out the walls, steering her into the washing room. At the doorstep, her toes hit a tumble of fabric, which upon first glance looked like a bra. The cup size felt too large for her, so she thought it to be Korra’s – only after entering the washing room did her lagging brain recall the avatar didn’t wear brassieres.Asami searched for the light switch. As she glanced around in the dim room larger than the bedroom, she hesitated; the floor glowed faintly in the morning’s sunrays. The coarse, blue rock was like a bed of nameless weeds at the bottom of the ocean. The source of the light was three round windows at the opposite wall, decorated from the middle with boxy shapes. The leftmost window let in rays that bounced from the whole-body mirror next to the sink. The distance between walls left much area open, as if the place was meant for use by tens of people, like a bath house. It seemed wasteful for Asami that so much room was needed for hosting just two showers and one sink.

”Hmh, royals… curious bunch”, Asami muttered.

She crossed the royal Earth kingdom bathing room, though not without grabbing a glance of herself in the wall’s mirror. Lighting being sparse, her picture was but an outline without detail. The soft, stiff protrusions of her body wobbled darkly in tune with her mounds. The crowns of her hills had grown sizable enough to distinguish from her leg muscles. Asami stopped on her heels. She raised her brow at her image; being with Korra had clearly gotten her lazy about exercise. Though the mirror didn’t show it, the same sloppiness was apparent in the hairy spots of her body, which had grown bushy and untrimmed.

”Huh, really now”, she sighed.

The longer she stood there surveying herself from varying angles, the more downwards her frown bent. Her lip ticked, gaze turned to the side – suddenly she remembered the razorblade in the drawer above the sink. With an impatient skipping step, she walked to the sink and flung the boxy drawer open. Asami nabbed a cylinder-shaped can of shaving cream and a razor, then walked to the conveniently placed stool in front of the mirror. Upon closer glance, it wasn’t really a stool, but a water basket turned upside down – none the less, she sat on it.

”Damn, should’ve done this earlier… fuck”, she uttered upon seeing the black bush attached to her body and face.

She opened the little can, wiped two fingers inside and reached down. She spread the cream around he root of her flesh log, until the bush looked like farmland in winter. With slow, methodical movements she slid the blade in short strokes. In the absence of water, which she had forgotten, she removed the cut hair with her hand.

Asami heard her girlfriend tip-toe behind her. The water tribe woman moved like she considered herself sneaky – Asami played along, pretending to be too focused on her shaving to notice. Amused, she watched through the mirror how Korra tried dodging the field of vision. The tribe woman knelt down, bringing her arms around Asami’s tummy and chest, pressing her breast against the back. Korra’s fingers were slippery, one of them circling Asami’s belly button. She reeked, the scent both womanly and vulgar.

”What are you doing, Sami? I liked you hairy”, Korra whispered in her ear and licked the ear lobe.

”Oh, you don’t think it made me look sloppy?” Asami replied.

Korra’s left hand snatched the pale tree by its tip, crawling down like a hungry spider. The jerking motion was only teasing, as the avatar’s real goal lied at the root, a spot below Asami’s stones. It was the magic spot that, if stimulated intently, made this dick woman weep. Asami stiffened her throat, as to not let the lewd sigh escape.

”Hmm, sloppy for who? Does that mean you’ve been naked with others lately? Been poking Mako’s boy pussy maybe?” Korra asked while continuing to squeeze soft, defenseless spots around her girlfriend’s body.

”Mh-uh, girl, have you no shame? You know I don’t like that kind of talk. And ease up, will you, you’re going… too strong”, Asami complained out loud.

”You say that, but then I rub you… and you spread for me. It’s your fault I’m confused with your… yummy mixed messages.”

”That’s because you take everything I say as sexual. You’d make the worst type of man.”

”I like how you unload so freely on me… verbally, carnally… make me pregnant, Sami.”

Korra kissed the open neck and sucked on the skin, drooling on the shoulder. Her body heat seeped into the dick girl, heating up and moisturizing spots all over Asami.

”You… you have weird urges – ah!” Asami squealed as Korra grabbed her stones in her palm.

Like two billiard balls, Korra played relentlessly with the flesh bags, unfazed by Asami’s verbal resistance. The razor and cup had fallen from her hand, the cream dirtying the floor.

”I’m… sensitive right now, be careful, please”, Asami warned.

”I know. You teased me too much, it’s your fault I’m like this.”

”You talk like an abusive husband.”

”Cum in my hand, Sami… be my little wet cum slut”, the woman pleaded, stroking fast and hard, like shaking a near-empty ketchup bottle.

”Ugh… you… Korra… fuh”, Asami gasped, her voice lapsing.

The dick woman gave into the consuming stimulus, the pressure in her crotch growing more than she could bear. She closed her eyes for uncounted seconds, listening only to the slushy sound of Korra’s hand on her oozing cock. She sat there passively, letting the head-strong woman use her like a lotion pump. Her thoughts drifted, she felt like floating. Suddenly, her girlfriend’s fingers loosened their pressure and instead coiled around her ankles – the strength of their grip was apparent, frightening even.

”Uh, Korra? What are you… dooooiiing?!” she screamed, as the water tribe woman pushed her off the stool and folded her back into a curve, legs in the air.

Asami’s instincts told her to wiggle out of her embarrassing position, despite knowing Korra to be stronger. Her shaved gun lewdly pointed towards her own face, the little slit dripping. Her legs were wide apart and her stomach flabs layered on each other. Upper back on the floor, lower back floating, the position made her ample chest look flat. Her cheeks reddened as she noticed Korra leering the tight hole between her butt crack, a determined glint in her eyes.

”He-hey, don’t get carried away!” Asami yelled.

”You want me to stop? Just ask and… I’ll stop”, Korra said, sticking her sharp tongue out and bending her neck forward.

Asami gasped at the suggestive tongue motions her girlfriend was making. The avatar pressed her face right above the nervously pulsing crevice.

”Would you… please take it in? I don’t want you doing anything dirty”, Asami whispered, awkwadly nodding towards her bare-naked lower body.

”Sure”, Korra said with a grin.

The cock disappeared into the avatar’s mouth. Their position was odd for Asami, but it was the oddness that made Korra’s service feel that much more thrilling. Korra’s throat had a strong suction; from head to toe, the woman was a powerhouse. Asami couldn’t hold beyond a few thirsty sucks. She closed her eyes, lips gaping apart, moans slithering out of her mouth. She felt the pressure building up, a wrenching feeling grinding her stones. The moment of burst neared; translucent juices were already flowing. She opened her eyes to watch Korra lovingly swallow her incoming gift, only to get surprised by yet another prank: Instead of opening her throat to receive Asami, the strongwoman spat the dick out and freed one hand from holding the girl’s leg to stroke the freely hanging shaft. In a slight curve, her balls pumped their nasty-smelling contents right in the dick woman’s hair, face and chest. The splash hit Asami right below her nose and she couldn’t even close her hatch, as her howl of ecstasy wrenched her lips wide. After two waves the stream subsided, leaving behind a wild trail. Asami licked her lips and gulped before speaking.

”I… am I a cum slut now..?” the dick woman purred.

Korra nodded and smiled, then grabbed the dick woman’s butt with two hands, helping her body safely to the floor. Asami lied there unmoving; her girlfriend sandwiched her with her own body, the mayonnaise tucked between their skin.

”I’m the cum slut”, Korra uttered in her face, stretching forward to swallow the woman’s lewd-smelling breath.

The water tribeswoman’s forceful kisses feasted on her girlfriend’s cum-soaked lips. Her tongue plunged into her mouth, caring not for invitations, bringing with it the taste of Asami’s milky produce. Her muscle-bound arm had snuck downstairs to stroke her throbbing, freshly shaved cock. Korra’s lust was an overwhelming wave that splashed over her. Her raw physical power was almost frightening to Asami, she had the aura of a conqueror. Had Korra always been like this? Their kissing seized when the avatar decided to withdraw her lips. The stare of her eyes, like ice, pierced into Asami.

”You… you won’t slow down, will you?” the city girl sighed.

”No, not until you get me pregnant”, the avatar whispered.

Asami felt her girlfriend entwine her log-like legs over her hips. The woman’s vaginal fluids left a ticklish trail on her tummy. Panting, exhausted, feeling like her place was decided, she watched Korra climb on her. Wasting not a second more on foreplay, which Korra often treated as a nuisance, she placed the moist, erect penis between her labia and wrapped her flesh around it. The woman grinded her hips on it, barely raising her buttocks to produce the proper pleasurable friction. Asami gasped as she felt the constricting strength of Korra’s inner muscles. The strongwoman rocked her hips in circles, hungrily extracting the leftover seminal mucus from the ejaculation moments ago.

”You… are you sure we’re ready to have children?” Asami asked.

”Absolutely”, Korra responded, raising one hand on her freely hopping breasts.

Pinned to the floor, squirming, Asami’s pale skin was glistening with a layer of sweat. She was too sensitive to enjoy this, it was simply too soon for another go after her first orgasm. She wanted to complain about her situation, but couldn’t do it amidst the moans Korra forced out of her. Before she knew it, Korra was leaning on her, her boobs resting on hers, their warm breaths clashing.

”You will get me pregnant. My cunt will milk you, until you do. I will grind on you, until you fill my womb to the brim”, the woman whispered.

”I don’t… have much left. It hurts when you move”, Asami replied.

”You don’t like how tight my cunt is?”

”Please… don’t call it that. I’m just too sensitive right now to enjoy th-”

Korra rammed her lips on her again, robbing them of all sound that would seek to escape them. She licked her mouth area, tongue circling around her pink, eating every fledgling syllable Asami tried forming. The tastes of jizz and saliva mixed and quickly dissipated – Asami had no choice but to swallow in order to keep in Korra’s pace. Her girlfriend’s body weight pressed on her, squeezing her between floor and flesh. The avatar was oozing womanly secretions, granting smooth access to the very back of her vaginal tunnel. The opening of Korra’s womb was thrust on her again and again. Asami could but wonder how the woman didn’t complain of pain – was she that committed to making her cum? The avatar emanated an aura of unbridled carnal lust, every square inch of her being consuming Asami in both body and spirit.

”It’s, ah, it’s feeling good again”, Asami exhaled, eyes closed in pleasure.

”Good, good, good, goood!” Korra shouted in her face.

They found a rhythm together, like a pro drummer that just picks up her sticks and starts bursting a beat from memory. They synced their insertions so well that Korra almost looked to be hovering above ground. The wet streams on the washing room’s floor trembled – water, the element which this avatar, born to the northern water tribe, was most intimate with, was drawn into her maelstrom of emotions. Like a small cyclone, the water streams fused into a circle that spun around copulating couple.

”Korraaaah!! ” Asami screamed while erupting into a geysir.

”ASAMI!!” Korra groaned as her vaginal muscles convulsed.

Her cavern collapsed, burying Asami inside. She milked her like a fist, squeezing from the root, rationing the release of pressure into three separate waves. As their fluids connected them like blood vessels, Korra’s jaw hang open and her body quivered all over. She almost seemed close to bursting into laughter. The cyclone around them rained down, inanimate once more. The woman slumped on Asami, her weight resting on her fully. While they gathered their strength, the two of them stole licks from the corners of each others’ lips.

“You really… really would make… the worst kind of husband”, the exhausted dickgirl sighed.

“Hah, sure… But I make the best kind of wife, no?” Korra said teasingly.

Asami just giggled and kissed her.