Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion Is The Bomb


The Onatsuyu female nectar lotion by Toy’s Heart is the golden standard of lubricants. It’s the fluidest, the biggest, the most luxurious sex lubricant in all of glorious Japan.

A great lubricant is a necessity for any lonely solo fag fapper, kinky couples, every bitch and cuck. Some girls do not emit enough juices to make penetration enjoyable, and anal sex is impossible without dem lubez. For handjobs, lube can upgrade or degrade the sensations.

The branding of Onatsuyu is sublime; bitch is ripe, stacked, smiling seductively like she just finished your sandwich. What did she put between the ham and cheese, you ask? A wet, pleasent surprise, naturally. Her tits are oozing, her pussy leaking. Girl’s a fucking factory!


This hole lotion is for onaholes. For handjobs it is fine, if you want to grind your cock like your fist is a tunnel to a bullet train. No, let’s not go there. I’ve tested the lotion on my Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole, the Dagashi Kashi Parody hole, and the infamous Futanari Musume not-a-double-hole, and found it the superior health potion.

The lube stays fluid for like 10 whole minutes, far longer than the Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Lotion for example, a lube I’ve been sordidly disappointed with. It’s powerful stuff in a plentiful bottle. Shit’s the fucking bomb.


Get Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion from the one, the only, the motherFUCKING J-LIST, because there ARE no buttons of other shops for your sad, sad fapper fingers to tap. That maid is their mascot. It’s a button. Please click….? :’-/

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