Slave Boys Of Mars Dungeon scene

All characters depicted are 18 years old, because the United States law is the word of the white man’s omnipotent God.

I lay in my little corner of the dungeon, listening to the beating of my tired heart. Morning sun rays, like hot needles, pierce through my sore eyelids. The cum from yesterday’s depravities is still making my eyeballs itch. I took so much on my face, I can’t distinguish it from my skin.

My naked carcass feels neither cold nor warm. My focus is stolen by my empty, growling stomach. The air in my gut keeps making sounds reminiscent of farting. Even as my passing is nearing by the hour, I feel numb.

The dungeon echoes sharply as someone steps out of the stairway. I peek, with my hazy eyes, in the direction of the sound: It’s a maid in full uniform, carrying a black box. I can’t tell whether it’s a man or woman, but judging by the face alone, I would guess she’s female.

So sleek and womanly is the maid’s appearance, I can’t help but be aroused. Her black headband is embroidered in great detail, her skirt is black and frilled at the edges. Her waistline is large and thighs near sculpted; a breeder’s body shape. Only her chest is lacking, being flat as a board.

Watching the maid come closer and closer, her lady lumps wobbling, I start imagining her carrying my baby in her plump little belly; I want to see her sculpted body grow pregnant, corpulent.

The maid clicks something in her hand, and the laser bars dissipate. She walks into my cell.

As the maid comes right in front of me, I peek below the short skirt and notice the bulging in his white panties. The realization creeps on me, and my feelings and body begin reacting to it.

I want to impregnate him.

Maid: ”Clothes. For you.”

Sitting in my pool of cum, I look up at this boy maid whose voice sounds so feminine, I have to question his gender. I’m dumbfounded, not just by his appearance, but by his suggestion too.

Jurojin: ”Wha?”

Maid: ”You were requested to arrive in your current condition.”

He bends down to leave the box right in front of me.

My flow of thought is stiff, and with a delay, I realize what she said earlier. I was… requested? To go somewhere? By who?

The maid takes out a syringe from his apron.

Maid: ”You need energy. Have some.”

I don’t move to dodge the needle or say anything. He injects the fluid into my arm. The slight tickling feels almost pleasurable… Near instantly, within seconds, I feel energized and my hunger is gone.

My dick stands rock hard.

An hour passes as the maid helps – or rather, forces me to dress into the intricate uniform.

As the process takes so long, the maid begins talking. Short sentences, no big revelations. Nothing about his life before this mansion. All I really learn is his name: Molly.

I feel wrong about dirtying such a beautiful dress. The cum, sweat and dirt on my body are like a second skin. Wrapping my disgusting male body in this fine, feminine embroidery is a crime.

The maid puts a collar on my neck, with an iron chain attached to it. He yanks it for test – for a good two seconds, I feel the pressure choking me.

Molly: ”Let’s go.”

I walk upstairs in his wake, then down a lightless stone brick corridor.

I catch glimpses of Molly’s meaty bum under the skirt. His skirt is so short, I can see flashes of his silky panties at his every step. His shoe heels are small, but they accentuate the beauty of his legs just the same… His testicles dangle between his smooth thighs, encased in fine silk. They are large, like a small pair of breasts. They can’t be natural.

Is it the rejuvenating drug he injected me with? How am I so turned on?

At the end of the corridor, Molly stops at the door. He punches a code into a nearby panel, prompting the door the slide sideways. The noise it makes is drowned by the buzz that flushes in from the other side.

Stepping into the hall, I have to close my eyes from the sudden surge of light. The giggling and buzzling I hear makes me half expect to see naked maids having sex in the open. I raise my eyelids, and reality clashes with my dirty imagination – I am so horny that I froth in my mouth.

There’s a crowd of servants engaged in chatting and doing chores. The room looks completely spotless, yet ten, fifteen maids are cleaning every corner of it.

The hall is packed with items of value; paintings, vases, furniture from the old 20th century. It’s like a museum. The ceiling extends high and has detailed paintings on it, reminding me of a Vatican cathedral. None of it is cluttered, but tastefully spread in the open area, as to not obstruct movement or cause eye sore.

I gasp at the breadth of magnificence before me: these people are beyond wealthy, and their mansion oozes absolute privilege and entitlement. I feel like a speck of shit on this canvas of extravagant value.

I let out a groan as my collar strangles me for a second.

Molly: ”Don’t stare, they get get embarrassed.”

I avert my eyes and turn them to the floor. We turn left, into a corridor decorated with framed paintings. The framings shine in gold, probably worth more than my entire belongings back home.

We pass another maid who walks as fast as a competitive walker, his forehead folded in worry. Below the edge of his skirt, I notice his erect member. Another male that looks like female, except for his appendage.

We appear to be nearing the main door, as I see a large staircase covered by a red carpet. A group of ten maids has gathered at the feet of the stair. Then, I see a large, corpulent man in a fancy suit come in, getting greeted by maids that kneel before him.

We stop on our heels. Molly raises his finger on his lips and says ”shhhh”.

I feel like I recognize the man, perhaps from television. His face looks like a badly melted wax mask, and he wears a purple trilby over his bloated head. On his chin grows a tiny spiky bush. His other features I’m too far away to regocnize.

Fat man: ”Oh, lovely. Good morning m’ladies! Any of you fine flowers not been stung by an Earthling bee before? Raise your hand for me if you haven’t.”

Only one, two, no, three hands in total rise into the air.

Fat man: ”Alright, come here, sweethearts. I would not deprive you of the experience of feeling my big cock in your tiny slut asses.”

The three maids, without a trace of apprehensiveness, grab the man’s arms and immediately start kissing him in the neck, ears and mouth. None of them seem repulsed by the man’s appearance, his lewd drooling, nor his aggressive dirty talk.

The hall empties out. The guest leaves with maids around him, and we continue onwards. Molly pulls my collar.

We enter another corridor of doors. An abrupt scream through the wall grabs my attention. I look to my side and keep hearing voices.

The rooms seem to have limited sound proofing. Seeing how much money these people have, it can’t be an issue of cost.

As we pass another pair of maids in the corridor, a gruesome chorus bursts from behind doors. The maid pair leaps back. They look startled. They cast their eyes on their shoes and keep going.

What had suprised me thus far, was how much the maids seemed to enjoy themselves here: Everyone smiling, flirting and throwing themselves into the arms of clients. But how far are the clients allowed to go?

We stop in front of a silent door at the end of the corridor.

Molly: ”Do you feel ready?”

Jurojin: ”Ready?”

Molly: ”Our client is waiting. You will do he says. Are you prepared for it?”

Obediently, I nod. The maid stares at me with a blank expression. His thoughts are beyond me. Lacking any readable tone, he says to me:

Molly: ”I’m glad to hear.”

The maid measures me from head to toe. My cum glazed skin feels hot and itchy, my lip twitches nervously. I feel naked in my apron and skirt.

Molly: ”If he tells you to bend, you bend. If he tells you to dance, you dance. You obey, no matter uncomfortable you feel. And you´ll do it with a smile!”

He flashes a fabulous, picture-perfect, super trained smile at me. His whole gloomy demeanor evaporates with that single expression. A chill runs down my spine.

He puts his hand on the door handle, but doesn’t press it. His eyes lose focus for a second and the skin on his forehead folds.

Molly: ”When he asks your name, think up something girly.”

That´s all he says. As the door creaks open, the smell of fresh blood, mixed with cum, gushes in my nostrils.

On the blue carpet next to the luxurious double bed, there lies a boy, in a pool of excretions. His body is bruised, bleeding. At first, he doesn’t seem to be breathing. Then he twitches and I know he’s alive.

On the double bed, behind a pink, transparent curtain, is a large man lying comfortably on his back. His skin has a darker shade to it. He has literally no belly. His ribbed board has faint, brown hair sticking from it.

His left hand is behind his head, his right stroking his red, veiny scepter. The skin over his knuckles is lacerated and bloody. His gaze is turned away from me, fixated on the body on the carpet.

We look at the same thing, the fleshy pile of the bleeding boy. Even as Molly pulls my leash, I feel so numbed with fear, I don’t budge.

The body is young; his skin, from the areas that aren’t blooded, is spotless smooth. His hair has white strands sticking on the flocks. His bare naked ass sticks to the air, the hole area bleeding a mixture of white and red.

Molly steps forward, to draw the man’s attention.

”Good day. Thank you for coming all the way here.”

The man, my client, raises his lower body. As he sees me, he puts his other hand on his dick too and keeps stroking. I notice his rod has no skin covering the tip: he’s circumsized.

Client: ”Is that him?”

Molly: ”Yes. He is our newest maid. I prepared him to your liking, mister.”

The man’s facial features are jagged, his body slightly hairy, like covered in wolf fur. He’s muscular, but it doesn’t make his skin smooth at all. He’s like an unfinished bronze statue of some Roman god.

Client: ”He looks fatter than in the video.”

The man spits out his opinion uninhibited. I grab a glance at Molly who is standing on my side. The maid’s smile is unwavering.

Molly: ”He is fresh, uninitiated. We’ll work on his curves for weeks to come.”

Ignoring the maid completely, the man takes his hand off his pole and gestures at me.

Client: ”Come sit here, girl.”

I accidentally gulp. Legs are numb. Toes tingle. Can’t stop shaking. His dark blue eyes are nailed at my groin, and they don’t even blink. He’s raping me. I feel like he’s already raping me in his mind.

As I reach the bedside, the man moves his leg, giving me room to sit. I place my butt on the mattress. I keep my back straight and legs together, not breaking the pose as best I can… I try to hide my penis from his watchful gaze.

Client: ”I am Arich Partie. What’s your name, honeybun?”

Jurojin: ”Eh, it’s… it’s…”

Arich: ”I’ve seen you fuck, you’re not a virgin. Why are you nervous?”

Jurojin: ”I’m not, eh, nervous.”

Arich: ”Tell me your name then.”

My thoughts are jumbled and feverish. I blurt out the shortest word beginning with ”J” that comes to mind.

Jurojin: ”Jugs.”

Arich: ”Your mother must’ve hated you.”

I gulp. I’ve no idea what to say.

Arich: ”Have you ever sucked cock before?”

I gulp and nod.

Arich: ”That’s good. Show me your tits.”

I was already expecting a request to undress. I take no time to unbutton the top of my uniform. As I do, he places his coarse palm on my thigh. He rubs my skin through the thin fabric. It feels like being polished with sandpaper.

I feel his hot breath on my neck as he buries his face to me. I hear his nostrils close to my ear, drawing air, sniffing me. He strokes my flocks, twirls them around his finger. I can’t do anything, but go along with this.

As my top comes off, he grabs my naked chest, rubs it, pinches my nipple. I gasp at his forcefulness. I try to stare at the dark green ceiling and bite my lip.

His arms move around my body, pressing and squeezing on the softest bits. His grip is strong, I start thinking… what if he hits me?

He gropes below my skirt, working up the thigh. Suddenly I feel his thumb on my testicle sack. I whince in pain. It’s like a button that opens the flood gates: The flow of little rivers stains my filthy face. I can’t stop my chin from shaking anymore.

His other hand circles around my shoulder and bites into my left arm. His fingers are like fangs, digging into my flesh. sucks on my ear and whispers in it while groping my panties.

Arich: ”Shhh, stop, don’t cry. Stop crying.”

Jurojin: ”Please don’t… don’t hurt me.”

Arich: ”Shhh, you think too much. And I never hurt my girls… I destroy them.”

As he says that, I feel his spear poking a hole into my leg. I clench my butt instinctively.

Molly stands on the bedside, like a soldier on guard duty. I half expect him masturbate to my misery, but he doesn´t. He keeps pose and watches, awaiting for the next command.

Jurojin: ”P-Please, please, mister… be gentle.”

That’s when he grabs me from both shoulders and tosses me on the bed. It happens so fast. He pins me down and forces himself on top of me. I feel the pain in my arms at the same time as the softness of the sheets catches my back.

I can’t move, I can’t breathe, I can’t do anything but stare at his bony face. He descends upon me, his forehead dripping sweat, his mouth open, teeth exposed. I feel like the feast of a rabid wolf.

Like a scared little girl, I pant and weep, as he brings his tongue on my cheek and starts licking. This beast drinks my tears that are moisting the old cum glazing, salivating hungrily as he does.

My skin tickles and throbs: Where he gropes me, I feel pain, where he licks and caresses, I ooze.

I feel so terribly ashamed: My smell is putrid. I feel disgusting from head to toe, and the lewd uniform, which the man keeps digging into, does not help.

I feel my sanity tested: Flesh-eating maggots, where did they crawl from? Get them off me, get them off me, get them off me, get them off me.

Jurojin: ”No, get them off me…”

As I plead in a whimpering voice, the assault comes to a stop. It just stops.

I blink, catch my breath, stare at the ceiling. What is happening?

I am struck. Before I register what happened, the open palm crashes on my other cheek. Then, the beast comes back down and its face envelopes my entire field of vision. He breathes into my face, snarling through his teeth.

I smell his musky cologne, the blood of his lacerated knuckles, his middle-aged testosterone-ripened sweat. His muscles are so tense, the veins are popping out of his skin.

Arich: ”The place of a bitch is between a stove and a fist.”

He says that and extends his arm to the side. From the corner of my eye, I see Molly touch his palm. Is he giving him something, some item?

Jurojin: ”Urgh!”

His free arm grabs my throat. His little worms tighten around my neck like a hangman’s knot. I lay on the bed like a trout on the cutting board. While holding me down, Arich brings his open fist to me and shoves its rubbery contents in my mouth.

Arich: ”This will keep you quiet.”

My mouth is blocked, I can’t breathe through my mouth. I’m twitching in panic, my every instinct is telling me to run, but he keeps me pinned to the mattress. He reaches around my head and clips the gag. The inaudible little click echoes in my ears like the bells of doom.

This man isn’t done. He flips me around, like I’m weightless. As I’m tossing and turning in total panic, Molly steps up and hands over a pair of handcuffs to Arich. Within minutes, my wrists and ankles are bound.

I’m flipped again, now on my back, once agian face-to-face with the ruthless man. He pulls me from my legs towards himself, like I’m a body pillow he wants to snuggle with.

Or maybe he’ll use me as a punching bag.

I feel aching pains here and there from the rough handling. The man leans over me and observes his handiwork, running his palm on my bruises. He measures the size and shape of the red and blue dots, using his index finger as a measuring stick.

He smirks – it’s the first happy expression I’ve wittnessed of him. As he keeps groping my chest and genitals, I feel my body warmth getting sucked through my skin.

Am I going mad? Is this chill for real? I feel a constant, unending urge to scream, but the ball gag – and his pincer-like grip on my throat – muffles the sound. He gently pets my tear-covered cheeks, scoops droplets and brings them to his mouth. He licks his fingers, savoring my tears.

Arich: ”I will rape you into a woman.”

He seizes my family heirlooms like a robber, squeezes them to make me squeal, then nonchalantly tenses the massive muscles of his arms and rips my panties to shreds. My limp little penis plops out, shrunken from fear.

I wriggle uselessly, like a worm on concrete. Between his legs, his red-headed spear is glistening from the precum it’s oozing. He promised to rape me, and I have no doubt he will.

The beast is done playing with its food. He turns me legs sideways on the bed and exposes my ass. He rubs his soft glans against my butt cheeks and dips the tip in my hole.

He dirties his dick tip with my ass juices. He plays with me, not committing into penetration, bobbing in and out in a torturous rhythm. He leaks so much precum from his slit, it’s like he’s injecting me with substances.

He growls and punches his whole length up to the root. A lightning bolt runs from my ass to my head, my back arcs from the shock. My yelp is choked by the gag.

Arich: ”Jugs, look at me.”

Panting, dazed, I glance sideways at my rapist. Not breaking eye contact, he drills against the friction of my hole with strokes that hurt more than stimulate. I blink from the pain and tears dripple from the corners of my eyes. In the midst of it all, I realize he’s checking for my reactions.#

He is holding my butt and left leg, drawing me in for each penetrative push. His cock is so strong in my unlubricated butt hole, I fear he’ll fuck me till I bleed to death.

Our union point reeks. I haven’t showered in days and I smell like shit, yet he breathes in my scent, his nostrils enlarged.

His gaze is nailed at my face, like two cameras filming me. He gives me no further verbal commands. When I try to bury my face on the sheets in between his fucking, he adds force and increases his pace to add to my pain. I take a minute to connect the dots.

If eyes are the mirror to one’s soul, then this monster is raping not just my body, but my spirit too.

I was numb to my fate just an hour ago. I was resolved to starve in the cellar dungeon, as days went by and nothing happened. The despair of my situation had leveled me emotionally, but with Arich sadistically raping me, I feel painfully alive again. He groans and inhales.

Arich: ”I like your virgin pussy. It’s got a young, lovely texture.”

I feel like a log of feces is moving in my colon, but it’s just his penis. It’s thick and hard like an iron rod, and I feel full to my stomach. A cold sweat pours out of my pores, I’m like a piece of ham being roasted on a camp fire.

He keeps pressuring against the friction of my tight flesh, digging deeper, switching angles, and suddenly, the sensation changes… He’s pushing against a weird spot I didn’t know I had inside of me.

Suddenly, I’m fully erect and ready to burst. I drip white creamy precum on the sheets, like someone left the tap on. The feeling spreads from my groin to elsewhere in my body, numbing pain while sensitizing my skin to the slightest touch. It feels like my body has detached from my brain.

My ass is absording the heat from my rapist´s body. I’m feeling so hot, my lower half is sweating, like a horny pussy.

Arich stops moving while penetrating me. He keeps poking at the spot that´s prompting reactions from me. His length is enough to press and make me cum, but he won’t, he just keeps poking.

I feel Arich´ right hand groping, squeezing, violating my ass cheeks.

Arich: ”Mmh, bitch, you were worth the price.”

With those words and a roar, he lets it all out in my ass. The protein injection gushes in and graces my fleshy walls and crevices. I look, pleadingly, in his eye, moaning desperately for him push deeper and make me cum.

The metal of his rod melts and spews heat in me, even glazing my G-spot. I expect my release any second now, but his skill and accuracy with his dick never overcomes his composure. He stops a breath away from my prostate.

The cum flow subsides, but he won’t pull out. The load inside my asshole acts as a lubricant, and it makes his thrusts easier. Needing not a moment for resting, he resumes this rape. However, his thrusts are only mild in strength.

I’m exhausted and tingling, reeling from my first anal creampie experience. I cry like a rain cloud as the pain, like poison, spreads as a wave over my body again. My involuntary erection flops as the stimulation on my spot disappears.

I’m covered in cold sweat from head to toe. He fondles my wet skin, and I have no strength to resist him.

Jurojin: ”Hhhhhgh!!”

I scream through the gag when he suddenly digs his index finger in my belly button. I shiver and bob on the bed, instinctually trying to coil my body to hide my exposed belly. His outreached palm swipes over my dirty skin.

Arich: ”Mmh, so supple… first-class merchandise. I should add this one to my collection.”

Arich: ”Molly. How much this doll cost?”

I glance to the side: The maid guarding the carpet has a smile drawn on his face. Then it’s gone; his lips withdraw into a line.

Molly: ”He hasn’t been to obedience training yet. He will slit your throat in your sleep.”

Arich: ”I highly doubt that… So, how about it, Jugs? Wanna be my personal cum dumpster?”

I feel like a vote staring at the ballot box. I think of my two options and come to a conclusion. It’s the lesser of two evils. I nod in tears.

The smirk that Arich draws on his face is so wide it’s like he carved it with a knife. As he draws breath to start speaking, he doesn’t break our intercourse.

Arich: ”Good girl, I knew we had a connection. You make daddy very happy. Yes, call me dad from now on.”

My new owner leans over me. His sweaty pecks – and their smell – are in my face. He unclips the ball gag, letting me draw breath through my mouth.

The man gently turns me on to my stomach. I wait, panting, for him to untie my binds. My ass twists around his cock, but the lubrication makes the movement smooth. He won’t pull out. I wait and wait. It takes me half a minute to realize he’s doing something completely else.

Jurojin: ”Uh, dad, what you doing?”

Arich: ”Easy, doll. I always take my toys for a test drive.”

Molly steps up. He goes to the fire place near the left wall. He reaches his arm inside the black maw. A faint clicking sound emits from its depths.

A hatch opens in the ceiling, a rope falls and bounces before settling in a straight line… It suddenly occurs to me: This whole scenario was planned, and Molly knew of it.

Arich lifts me up in his arms. Effortlessly, he pulls me against his chest. As we are close and together like this, I feel oddly safe, listening to the beating of his strong heart. I am his doll.

I feel a worm slip into my cum-crusted anus. It swirls around, stirring the semen inside. I look up at Arich with a question on my lips, and that’s when the worm wriggles out.

He brings the dirty finger on my lips and paints them in cum that smells like ass. I gasp at the dizzying reek, and he bends his neck forward to steal my breath away. His tongue wrings open my mouth and massages my gums.

Arich: ”Your body is beautiful, doll. A fine dollar investent. I will rape your plastic pussy every day, until the night it breaks.”

A freezing tide rises from my lower back and spreads to my head and toes – I have no doubt he´ll keep his promise. Then, without warning, he flips me upside down, hanging me up from my legs.

Jurojin: ”He-hey!!”

My arms are still bound, so it’s only my head that flails around. While he keeps me put, Molly ties the rope around me.

I’m like a fly mummified in a spider’s web. Blood backs up in my head. My flaccid dick points upside down at my reddened face. I stare at the perpetual erection of my owner. From this angle, his fist-sized, masculine balls are on my eye level.

The man speaks, though all I see is his erect member twitching up and down towards my mouth.

Arich: ”You will be obedient. I will addict you to my dick.”

He embraces my lower half and buries my tiny limp penis between his sweat-smeared pecks. I’m wet and oozing precum from my earlier rape. His chest hair gets sticky with my baby goo. He doesn’t even care.

He brings his cum-filled balls to my face, forcing them on my nose and lips. They’re covered in a slimy crust that smells of ass and blood. My head feels light, I’m starting to see fireflies on my retina.

I’m nothing but an object for this man. He gropes my butt cheeks, dipping his fingers on my flesh like I’m mashed potatoes. He sinks a finger in my butthole and digs mercilessly for the seeds he sealed in there. My cheeks are hot; I’m blushing from gravity and shame, a pulsing cock on my lips.

Our bodies are nuzzled together, like a two-sided peanut butter sandwich. My eyes are itchy, smeared in sticky tears mixed with salty precum. I await the moment when he will shove his purplish glans into my defenseless throat.

He entwines his arms around my back and feels out my body. I feel cold shivers and an urge to vomit, being used by a gay man like this. My mouth is full of his testicles, which I try to lick to the best of my abilities.

I hear Molly’s high heels clopping, coming closer. With a hush, the maid’s skirt flashes as he kneels right next to me. He gives me an arrogant look, like I’m a shit-flavored spec of dirt. He looks dashing behind her thick, flawless makeup mask, whereas I look like…

Molly: ”Trash whore.”

He calls me a whore with a whisper and spits on my face.

Jurojin: ”Guhhh!”

The gooey saliva bomb explodes in a splat. Before I can process the happening, Molly snatches Arich’s cock in his hand and gives it a sloppy sucking.

I feel no relief that Molly is taking the reins, but rather, I feel dread, like poison spreading in my chest. I watch Molly ram his head against the cock. His slurping sounds are so loud, they echo in the room and perhaps through the walls too.

I realize quickly what’s happening: Molly wants out of this house. The sudden offer to buy me was unexpected, and now the maid wants to be bought by this man in my stead.

Jurojin: ”Gi-give me that penis back.”

Apathetically, I plead for a taste of the cock that raped me. Molly looks at me with utter contempt, not letting the mushroom tip slip out. He milks it in his mouth while fondling the balls relentlessly, making the sperm squirm inside. The naked man he’s sucking shudders.

The maid shows me his drooling tongue, swimming in white clumps. He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t brag, he just shows me the cum. He skillfully sucks up the clumps, then turns to me. He grabs my head with both hands and spits out the cum.

Jurojin: ”Ugh!!”

With his palms, he spreads the cum on my face, like finger painting. I keep my eyes and mouth closed until he’s done humiliating me. While I’m enduring, Molly is completely at ease with the situation, showing his experience at every turn, sadistically playing me out of the game.

While I’m still reeling from the shock of having my ass raped and my face smeared and fingers fiddling with my ass, I hear Molly resume slurping Arich’s cock. Suddenly a hearty groan drowns out the sucking sound.

Arich: ”Mmmah, well done, Molly. Want to join my harem?”

His words ring in my ears like police car sirens.

Jurojin: ”Please rape me, daddy! Rape me hard!”

I shout at the top of my lungs. Molly glares at me, immediately initiating the magic trick of making the cock on his lips disappear.

However, the man hears my shouting and shoves Molly off his penis and gags me with the whole length of his meat. At the same time, he digs his fist in my ass, no warning.

Molly falls on his back, cum drool shooting from the breakaway point. I only see this for a second though, as sweaty abs block my view. A massive flesh bone blocks my air duct. I choke and I ache and it’s nothing but pain. His clumped fingers drill my hole. My ass feels like it’s lit on fire.

I eat the tip, licking it feverishly, reflexively contracting my throat, even as I shouldn’t. Arich rams it in so hard, I fear he’ll rip my jugular. As I’m choking on his flesh, his precum gets stuck in my nostrils. I cough uncontrollably and it oozes from my nose.

Jurojin: ”Urgh mmh gurgle mmh!”

Before I know it, I’m sporting a load in my mouth. I don’t have the faintest when it got there. The man brushing my gums gives no indication when he cums, nor does he stop while doing so. He doesn’t get flaccid and he doesn’t tire.

While I’m struggling to swallow and wriggling in my skin, I feel the drill of flesh and bone carving the walls of my ass cavern. With pain replacing pleasure, I am brought into an ejaculation that erupts from my slit and spills on my chest and neck.

My vision is hazy. I feel like a live turkey being stuffed before oven. My owner ravages my body and uses me like a tool, caring not the slightest bit about me… Yet, he embraces me so warmly while seemingly fucking me to death.

Another load slips on my tongue without warning. It doesn´t burst, but I taste it. As I feel the hot juice coming, I suck the whole load out the urethra. The water flows smoothly, straight from the leaky plumbing. I try to chug it down while upside down, but a portion seeps out of my nose.

Suddenly, I see Molly, crawling towards me on all-fours. He squeezes between Arich’s thighs and grabs his ballsack. He looks at me and winks sluttily, then brings his painted lips on one testicle in a vain effort at filling his mouth-pussy.

The thrusts in my mouth are mercilessly deep. The pipe leaks a constant dripple of cum. I’m too busy struggling to drink it to spend thought questioning how it’s physically possible to ejaculate in a stream. Every plop sound that my mouth makes during thrusts is nastier than the last.

My head bobs back at every violent push – and then my movement stops.

I feel hands at the back of my head: It’s Molly, he reaches behind me and keeps me still, and the long schlong shreds my taste buds, painfully punching the back of my mouth. It’s like a giant thumb, or single-knuckle fist, inhumanly hard and blunt.

Disgusting gurgle sounds pour out, accompanied by fat, creamy lumps of dick slush. Each successive ejaculation is like the strike of a whip; more painful, more shameful. I try to cough it out of my throat, but the goo sticks to the walls and hairs of my nose.

I see my life flash before my eyes… I´m suffocating on cum. My mortality tastes of vomit and sperm. All the while I puke on my face, the fist in my ass never stops ramming at my prostate. My shriveled balls blurt out tiny explosions from the slit, uncompareable to the amount I’m puking.

With Molly’s help, Arich locks hips with my head and leaves one whale of a cum bomb inside. My brain cells are dying from the lack of oxygen, replaced by short-lived sperm cells.

Jurojin: ”Urghhhh.”

Before I black out, I draw one last desperate breath. I feel it, the air, slipping into my lungs. The shaft is halfway out of my mouth, it withdrew there without me noticing. My nostrils are completely blocked, but my throat accepts air molecules. My lungs fill up.

Molly leans over, his tongue pushed out. I’m too exhausted to feel disgusted of his wet touch. He shivers while scooping up the glazing on my cheeks. His gulping is trained and controlled. Even as his face contorts with the onset of the vomiting reflex, he keeps it professionally in.

He chews on the semen in an effort to swallow, fighting himself.

Arich: ”Come here, cumslut.”

Arich cuts in, then pulls Molly by the hair and brings his head on his cock.

Arich: ”Clean me.”

His dark scepter, in its current state, is painted in white and contrasts notably with his natural skin color. It disappears inside the open mouth. The next time I see the fleshy shaft pull out, it’s a lot less white.

The boy maid deepthroating my rapist (and owner) is the last sight I see before passing into a dreamless sleep.