Onahole review: Deep Throat Rotor


Reviewed by Milkmaster, edited by Otaku Apologist. Toy bought from JLIST.

I want to say, the Deep Throat Rotor by TamaToys is by far the worst onahole I have ever used. Now, I am not an onahole connoisseur by any means, as I get to fuck as much pussy as I want with my massive dick (I lie), but I have tried a few holes out, and I know what feels good on my cervix-shattering love giant. Hello readers, I am Milkmaster, and I’m here to tell you why this hole is fucking shit.

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Sup dorks! Freaky Eddie here. This is just a quick write up to let you all know what’s in the pipeline.

Our investor at VGHustler pulled out. I hear we’re starting over on another website, as Otaku secured an affordable website designer, who made the wordpress blog, and the hentai-onahole web store. For now, we’re gonna be cross-posting our reviews on wordpress, on tumblr, and JLIST’s revamped blog. Publication of game and toy reviews, I’m told, is neither stopping or getting downsized, so I get to keep my job. Yey!

Let’s talk about the content you’ll be seeing in the future from me.

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