Yandere visual novel review: Crimson Gray

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Crimson Gray, developed by Sierra Lee. A visual novel about a young man’s struggles with his deteriorating mental health, while dating his psychopath girlfriend. This story is one of the most exciting I’ve read in a long time. I haven’t reviewed an actual good game in ages, and I never expected a yandere story to be the combo breaker of my bullshit streak. Fucking finally a game I can talk positively about.

Let’s talk about Crimson Gray, and why it’s awesome.

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Lesbian visual novel review: Galaxy Girls

galaxy girls dharker studios hentai visual novel eroge porn tentacle rape

Galaxy Girls, developed by Dharker Studios. A visual novel, about four women discovering their latent homosexuality in space. Made by the same developer team as Negligee, Galaxy Girls is a passable fap fodder game with gorgeous visuals that outshine its other lackings.

Let’s dig into this game and see what we find.

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Hentai game review: Karma Sutra


Written by Soul Tsukino, edited by Otaku Apologist

Karma Sutra was released by Top Hat Studios in early 2017. It is an adventure game with a heavy influence from Hindu tradition, emphasizing meditation, and peace. You pick a name for your player character, and wander the land of Tattva, looking to earn your way into Nirvana.

Karma Sutra is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, and is available for PC Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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Oral sex onahole review: Maid In Fella


Written by John Cattle, edited by Otaku Apologist

Blowjobs, fellatio, cock-sucking – however you refer to oral sex, it’s my favorite genre of hentai, but so far my experience with oral-themed onaholes has been sub-par. Until now! I want to introduce you to my new favorite toy “Maid in Fella” from the wonderful people at ToysHeart. Purchased from Toydemon.com for $35.95, this is my fourth mouth-shaped onahole. It’s by far the best.

I’m John Cattle, a contributing writer. This is my first toy review.

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Yuri dungeon crawler review: Sakura Dungeon


Developer: Winged Cloud, Length 20-30 hours, Price $20.00

Sakura Dungeon is the hottest entry into the ecchi romp Sakura franchise. It’s a dungeon crawler, with elements from Etrian Odyssey and Pokémon with some Senran Kagura in the mix.

Ceri is a wandering knight. She discovers a pink-haired fox spirit named Yomi. The knight releases her from the magical captivity, which is when Yomi attacks and utterly dominates her in combat. Yomi enslaves befriends Ceri, and they set out to collect Yomi’s previously lost powers, delving deeper and deeper into the dungeon complex to find out what has happened to the kingdom Yomi previously ruled, and why the dungeon waifus have descended to barbarism.

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Hentai JRPG review: Kamihime Project

Screenshot (4599)

Written by Haruka Nami, edited by Otaku Apologist

Hey! I’m Haruka Nami, a new writer here. I want to review a free hentai game, called Kamihime Project, made by DMM group. It’s a turn-based JRPG for internet browsers. Launched on Nutaku in February 2017, it’s been their most played game ever since. Why is it rated number one? It has everything! Adventure, hentai, demon lolis!

The graphics are really beautiful for a browser game. Just look!!

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Hentai game review: Ouroboros

Ouroboros title

Review written by BoKo, edited by Otaku Apologist

Sierra Lee is a savant in the porn gaming niche. I first came across the name when playing her Patreon-funded game “The Last Sovereign”, a brilliantly written game with a deep story and fun gameplay on top of quality erotica. When I heard she created and released a new game in November 2017, I jumped at the chance to play Ouroboros.

My name is BoKo, and for my first review for the Apologist I’ll be talking about one of my favorite hentai games.

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Sextoy review: Attack on Big Dildo

gurren lagann dildo pierce heavensJPG

Attack on Big Dildo, is a huge pink homosexual fucktoy, made by ToysHeart. Attached, is a special pump, that lets you enlarge the dildo up to 130% bigger. It’s also equipped with a suction cup, for easy solo sex.

Attack on Big Dildo was provided to me by otonaJP, adult lifestyle shop in Japan. They have competitive prices compared to larger shops, and great customer service. I recommend heartily, if you enjoy my reviews, that you shop at otonaJP, so they can continue to provide toys for my review. Arigatou!

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Onahole review: Sugoman starter hole

sugoman onahole sent for review by otonajp

Sugoman is an inexpensive starter onahole, made by Enjoy Toys. It’s pretty got very rough insides, and a small size, making it decent for a glans massage on small, and medium-sized penises. It was provided for my review, by otonaJP, adult lifestyle shop in Japan. If you don’t yet know onaholes, they are Japanese male sextoys that mimic a vagina.

My white middle-class penis has been a reviewer of adult goods since 2014. I am uncircumsized, medium-size, and beyond desensitized. You can support my work by shopping at my store hentai-onahole.moe.

This is Otaku Apologist’s official review of Sugoman starter onahole!

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Porn paysite review: Digital Playground

Screenshot (6283)

Digital Playground is a porn paysite founded in 1993. They were bought by Mindgeek corporation in 2004. I got interested in the company, upon seeing ads on the site for geeky porn parodies. Star Wars porn, the Avengers porn; content with a clear niche market focus. The promotional images were oozing with the right vibe, raising my expectations fairly high. I thought it’d be cool to watch live-action twilek fucking.

I have been in the porn business since 2014. I make my living on sales commissions from promoting sextoys, porn games, and paysites. I have my own store, where you can support my work with your shopping.

Welcome to Otaku Apologist’s official review of Digital Playground!

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